Love At First Sight


Is love at first sight really possible?

Many people are quick to answer no to this question, and those people would suggest that those who would answer ‘yes’  are hopeless romantics, or have an unrealistic, idolized notion of what love is, and the effect that it can have on you. They would suggest that lust is the emotion you are experiencing during these moments where you feel drawn to someone. You are physically attracted to that person and are intrigued by them, simply wanting to know more and spend more time together, to see if the attraction could possibly lead to better things.

My opinion really depends on the leniency people have towards the words ‘first sight’. I believe that we are completely capable of falling in love at first meeting, which I would consider to be first sight. The main discrepancies being that you spend a little more time with the person and actually talk to them, be it only for a short period of time.  For anyone who reads this I’m sure there will be some debate on whether or not this counts as first sight but my response to that is, if you are so against the notion of people being able to fall at first sight, then surely your views would remain the same if the period of time were to be extended by an hour or so?

To those non believers I ask that you stop and think. I do not believe love has to blossom after months/years of getting to know the person fully. I think that there are various types of love, much like there are various types/levels of hatred. You love your parents, your friends and have loved past partners (a feeling you might question now), so why not someone you have just met? I’m not suggesting that you can fall completely head over heels in love with someone after talking to them for an hour, but I know I’ve been in a situation in which I have felt something more for someone then I thought I could, or should.  Where we have just clicked and upon separating, left my mind filled with nothing else but questions about her that I knew could only be answered upon our next meeting. Another variant that affects the idea of love at first sight is actually seeing that person again. Everyone knows the famous saying ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ which obviously doesn’t apply to all scenarios, but in a situation similar to this, knowing that you may never see that person again would amplify your emotions. You will never forget that person, and forever have fond memories that play on a loop every so often when something seemingly meaningless triggers them. You recall what you spoke about, what her hair was like that evening and how she teased you playfully; similar memories to the ones you may have for an ex, just less detailed.

And so I close this blog with a final thought. We live in a cynical time in which those that voice their opinions are often ridiculed. But would it really be so bad to believe that it’s entirely possible to feel an instant connection, even a feeling of love, towards someone you’ve just met? Maybe I am, as they say, a hopeless romantic. But you know what? I’m OK with that. I would rather live in hope, than live in doubt.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Do you think it’s possible to fall in love at first sight? Leave a comment and let us know!

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7 responses to “Love At First Sight”

  1. Ali says:

    Yes i believe in love at first sight,can be possible You have to meet him first and get to know him more

  2. Eve says:

    Sometimes it takes time before you learn to love someone. You have to know him, see him, be with him, so that you will be able to know him personally. But sometimes love is just unpredictable! It just comes suddenly
    In no time.

  3. Eve says:

    I believe it can happen!

  4. (Private) says:

    Of course love at first sight is possible – it’s in all the Hollywood movies and everything

    Great post

  5. Wendy says:

    I believe it is possible to meet someone for the first time and get the instant feeling that you could easily fall for them. It’s happened to me twice, but neither relationship worked out – as I got to know them, I realised that the attraction for me was mostly down to recognising ‘potential’ in them, not the reality of who they were or what they were truly capable of.

    But I have learned my lessons the hard way: so fall in love with the actual person in front of you, not the person you think they are or might be. Recognise when you are projecting your idealised notions onto them and take back those projections. They are human, they are not perfect. Work to create a safe space where you can both communicate honestly with one another – and I’m sorry ladies, but you may have to do much of this work to get your man to communicate and listen to you! Above all, keep things ‘low drama,’ do it with a loving heart and come from a genuine place of authenticity within yourself.

    “If you want to be with me, the door is open. If you want to leave, the door is open. Just don’t stand in the doorway, you’re blocking the traffic.”

  6. cheryl says:

    I recently met a builder online,weve both been hurt in previous relationships and had a child each,we d been emailing and sent photos then i got the courage to meet him,id never done online dating before,we got on so well didnt stop talking and it was love at first sight,we never stop talking on the phone and he is moving near me as we live an hours drive from each other were so happy and inlove,i never thought it could be possible

    • justsingles says:

      Oh Cheryl! That’s a lovely story!

      We’d love to share it with all of our members. If you’re interested in sharing its, please email us your story (and photo of the two of you if you have one) to [email protected].

      Hope to hear from you soon,

      The Just Singles Team.