Let’s Talk About Ex

We’ve all had past relationships, good or bad they ended for a reason. When it comes to talking about your exes with a new partner, there are a few things to remember. Here’s how you drop the ex bomb without the drama…


When is the best time to first mention your ex? Definitely NOT the first date. This is the time to make good first impressions, not drag up the past. Also NEVER mention your exes in your dating profile, it immediately makes you look negative.

It’s good to mention them first when you’ve been on a few dates. Not mentioning them at all will be a warning sign for your new partner and leaves them thinking the worst. Bring them up naturally in a conversation you are already having. Holidays, for example. Say something like, “Oh yeah, me and my ex Claire went to Pathos last year.”

Once you’ve introduced them as your ex once, from then on refer to them by name. Constantly calling them ‘the ex’ will get annoying whereas calling them by their name takes away any joint status with you.

Don’t Look Back In Anger

Remember – the way you talk about your ex says more about you than it does about them. Even if they did atrocious things to you, your relationship is over and bitterness is never attractive. It’s OK to be honest though.

You’ll soon be asked the inevitable question about why you broke up. Answer honestly. If you know you were partly to blame – admit it. Being open is always the best way to be when talking about your past.

Simply The Best

If you’re not bitter and actually a massive fan of your ex, it’s best to play this down too. Even if they were the love of your life, this is all in the past and you will never be able to move on by talking about how amazing they were all the time.

Your new partner is going to start comparing themselves to your ex, so if they really were the saint you are making them out to be, your new relationship will be doomed before it has even started. Keep things neutral and remember to compliment your new partner.

You have now passed Ex Education. Go forth and have exciting relationships with new people. 

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team