It’s Success Story Time!


Here at Just Singles we love nothing more than hearing about those who have met on our websites. They make us feel all warm and fuzzy! Here’s a few of the latest stories…

“I first contacted Mark as I liked his photo and thought he had nice eyes. At first we just sent some messages to get to know each other and then he asked if I wanted to meet him. He took me to a nice pub for a meal and a drink and we got on well. We talked until the pub closed, the bar staff were waiting for us to leave! He took me home and when we said our goodbyes he gave me a kiss. For our next date, we had a nice long walk, hand in hand. It didn’t matter that the walk was muddy and raining, I had my wellington boots on and was wrapped up warm, with a nice guy on my arm. Since that day we have met up for other dates, either for a meal in the evening or a day out at the weekend. We don’t have any plans for the future at the moment, we just get on well together.”
Helen and MarkJust Widower Dating

“I loved Jane’s gorgeous smile so I sent her a message on the site. She said that I lived too far away but I decided I wasn’t taking no for an answer! We eventually met at a nice pub near to where Jane lives. As I live a good 90 miles away, I booked myself a night in a hotel, so that we could both enjoy a drink. There was a wedding reception going on in the pub and we both kept singing along to the cheesy songs and laughing, whilst trying to sing the likes of “I’m Your Man” by Wham! We shared our first kiss that evening and the following morning, I left her a bouquet of flowers pinned to the windscreen wiper of her car, along with a little message declaring how much I adored her. We have been on quite a few dates since, and we are both deeply in love with each other. I am now planning to move close to where Jane lives and in time, hopefully we’ll move in together! I am a huge advocate of online dating, as I have met the love of my life! Thank you Just Single Parents!”
Chris and JaneJust Single Parents

“I had been on the site for 6 months when Catherine winked at me and I responded with a message. I’m a musician so I invited Catherine to come and watch me play at a local venue the next day. We met with a hug and she gave me the first kiss, which was lovely. Since then we’ve met each other every day. I’d say it was love at first sight! We got engaged in the summer and every day has been wonderful, we just can’t wait to see each other! I say to everyone, no matter what response you get, make sure you reply because I found the love of my life with just a wink! I don’t know how to thank Just Singles enough! So don’t give up, there is someone out there for everyone and I wish everyone the best of luck for the future!”
Carl and CatherineJust Singles

Congratulations to all of our new couples and we wish you all the very best for the future!

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team.