It’s National Love Your Pet Day!

We’ve had Valentine’s Day for the couples, Singles Awareness Day for the singles, now here’s something for the pets… They are such a big part of are lives that there is no reason to leave them out when it comes to dating. Here’s how to make your profile extra PAWsome this week!


Animal selfies are a great way to show fellow singles that you love animals in just one glance! Whether it’s your goldfish. hamster or dog – a selfie with a pet can instantly make people smile! Make sure they look like they want to be there with you. Also make sure they are not completely hiding you, remember who’s profile this is! You have to be the main star. If your pet is being a bit camera shy, try holding up a favourite toy of theirs behind the camera – this will get them interested!



We don’t have a number of pets option in characteristics yet (we should definitely have one though, because we have a number of children bit!) This shouldn’t stop you expressing how important your pets are to you. Write about them in your About Me. Tell a funny story about them, warn any readers that they will have to take on 3 iguanas as well as you! When talking about who you want to meet, throw in there a bit about hoping to find a fellow animal lover.



If you see that others have talked about their pets – this could be the perfect ice-breaker! “Your dog sounds hilarious, my Labrador Fergus would love to meet him for a walk sometime…?” Even if you don’t have a pet of your own, people love talking about their pets. Ask them if they have any, what they are like and/or what their favourite animals are.


So quit monkeying around and get your pets involved in your profile this National Love Your Pet Day! Fish for compliments to find a puppy love. That’s enough animal puns for now…

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team