“It Was Love At First Sight”

Mark was just about to give up on online dating, but then he met Geraldine…

“To be honest I’d all but given up hope of meeting someone. This was my third time as a member of the dating site over the last 2 and a half years. Yes, I’d had a fair few dates, met some really nice ladies and even had 2 short-term relationships that, for various reasons, didn’t go the course. Whilst meeting up for a date is always good, to be knocked back and have to start all over again can get tiresome.

Then I messaged Geraldine. We went from chatting online to actually talking on the phone very quickly, within a day, to be honest. Looking back I suppose that should have been a clear sign that this lady was really into me. I’m a bloke though, so sometimes these things really do need neon signs! We messaged all the time and over the next 8 days phoned each other 26 times! We just seemed to click, the wait to meet up seemed never ending but we finally met.

I know it sounds corny but it really was love at first sight. We spent the whole day together and were inseparable. I just knew that this was the lady I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, no matter what. When we are apart for 18 hours, it feels like 18 years! It just feels SO RIGHT! Like we’ve known each other for months. Yes, it’s early days but we both know we’re destined to be together. We both have that deep down gut feeling. So thank you JustSingles. It really does work! Please find attached a photo of the two of us out for dinner last night. To all others trying, and failing, and thinking of giving up – DON’T! Your dream can come true too…”

Love Mark & Geraldine


Well if that’s not an inspirational tale, I don’t know what is. Find love at first sight today! Already found it? Email us your story: [email protected]

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