“It All Started With A Wink…”

Hi everyone,

It seems January is the month of love! We received yet another success story this week. Dave met Tracy on Just Lancashire Singles, this is his story…


It all started with a wink and a small message from Tracy back in August last year. I responded and we chatted for a while. I just knew we had to meet. About a week later we had our first date which was supposed to be in a coffee shop. Being a hot day we decided instead on a walk in a park near Tracy’s home. It was me who suggested it as I wanted to make the date last longer! I was definately attracted to Tracy and wanted to find out more about her. We walked and talked for about 40 minutes and it felt so comfortable and relaxed. It really was a lovely day .

The next day I asked Tracy out on another date which we went on the following week. We went on a night out in Liverpool. I really wanted to see her again and hoped the feeling was mutual. It was a great night drinking ,dancing and at the end we had our first kiss.

We have been dating for a couple of months and our now together exclusively. We are just taking things slowly at the moment as we are in a early stage of our relationship. 

To all of you on the site – hang in there! I was on the site for 7 months before I met Tracy and she had been on for a few months also. Good luck to you all and have a great 2014.


Aww! What a lovely story. We hope Dave and Tracy have a fabulous 2014 together!

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team.