Is Your Profile Halloween Ready?

The witching hour is almost upon us, so time is running out for you… To make your profile a treat! No tricks here, this is how you should spook up your profile and ensure that this Halloween is a thriller…

Pertrifying Photo

Unless you’re a vampire, in which case you won’t show up in photos, having more than one gives you a serious advantage. But don’t stop there, if you’re planning on dressing up this Halloween, why not upload a photo of you in full monster mode?

Wednesday Addams explains her costume for Halloween

Blood-Curdling Bio

Got any terrifying traditions? If you’re stuck for stuff to say in your Halloween profile, how about painting a picture about how you celebrate the holiday. Why not start of by saying, “This Halloween you’ll find me…”

Describe pumpkin carving in your halloween profile

Astonishing Answers

Really take a stab in the dark and ensure your profile stands out for all the right reasons by spooking up your Q&A. There are already some easy spooky questions, like your scariest moment, but how about making what you do for fun a bit more frightening?

Dancing pumpkin celebrating a great halloween profile

Death-Defying Diary

Diary entries are the perfect place to really show off your creepy creativity. From telling a scary story to keeping count of how many trick or treaters you get, there are many ways to connect. If nothing else, even a simple “Happy Halloween everyone!” will get your name out there and the replies rolling in.

Fangs are about to get frightening on JustSingles, so make sure you’re here for the boos with a profile fit for a Frankenstein. Happy Halloween!