Is Age Just A Number?


When you imagine your perfect partner, are they older, younger or the same age as you? Some people think age is just a number, but if you’ve got a perfect age range in mind, we have a few tips on how to attract the right age for you!


If you’re looking for a specific age range there’s no harm in writing this into your About Me. It won’t stop you being contacted by people out of this range, but it will give people an idea of who you are looking for. If you have a specific reason for your age preference then the About Me section is where to to write this. For example you could write something like:

“I’m looking for someone who’s young-at-heart to keep up with my active lifestyle! Preferably between 30-40 years old.”

The key here is to never be negative, it’ll put everyone off. Explain your preference with a positive spin and you’ll start being contacted by the right people!


Looking For

Stuck on what to write when talking about your perfect partner? We’ve got this covered! Head to the Looking For section next to your profile. Here you can select your desired: age range, height, location and build. When someone visits your profile they will be informed immediately of how many qualities they match, making them more interested in contacting you.



To find people within your desired age range, alter your filters when in Search. This will then only show you the members who fall between these two ages. You can filter them further by loads of other different characteristics too, like hair colour, build and interests.

Please note – Writing about the ages of people you want to meet and filling in your Looking For will NOT prevent you from being contacted by people out of this range!

If you’re not interested at all in anyone outside your desired age ranges and don’t want to be contacted by them you will need to set up Inbox Filters. Here’s how you do this:

Click on Account > Filtering >Select your desired age ranges and locations > Save Filters

You will now be able to view your filtered Inbox (people who fall into your preferences) and everyone else, simply by switching between tabs in your Inbox.

There you go. If you think age is just a number – get out there and contact anyone who takes your fancy! If you have preferences, set up some filters. But it’s always worth remembering that sometimes we don’t really know what our perfect partner looks like, being too picky can sometimes prevent us from meeting someone really nice…

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team