I’m Single Because…

Single Because

So, why are you single? This may well be the most irritating question anyone could ask a single person, but besides crying out,  “well if I knew that I wouldn’t be single, would I!?”, perhaps it’s time to take a look at some of the reasons why you are single and start to face them head on.

Everyone has their reasons, but are they reasons? Or are they really just excuses? Many singles claim they just don’t have time to meet anyone. Juggling work commitments with family life, whilst also trying to cling on to some sort of social life can leave very little time for meeting anyone new. But with online dating, the old “I don’t have time to meet anyone” line really is an excuse of the past. With JustSingles.com you could meet your perfect match anywhere from your sofa, to your desk at work. Online dating doesn’t require time out of your busy schedule, it just slots into your lifestyle.

Maybe you do have the time to meet people but you struggle to meet anyone who shares the same interests as you. At Just Singles, we know that common interests are the key to successful relationships and so we have a range of different websites which cater for all types of people and lifestyles. If you’d like to meet someone with similar spiritual beliefs to you then Just Spiritual Singles is where you need to be.  Perhaps you’re looking to meet local Christians, in which case Just Christian Singles is ideal. Or maybe you’re looking for someone who is as into their fitness and sport as you are? Give Just Sporty Singles a try!

Working unusual hours can make it hard to meet people the usual way but again, with online dating this can’t be an excuse! With sites like Just Doctors Singles and Just Teachers Singles, you can even meet singles that have the same working lifestyle as you. Meeting people in the same profession enables you to be more understanding with each other when work occasionally has to take priority.

If you think that you’re simply too old to start dating again, think again! Online dating among the mature age group is now more popular than ever. We know that there comes a certain age when meeting people the same way you would have done in your twenties just doesn’t feel appropriate. Just Senior Singles is the perfect way to meet other single people that are the same age as you, without even having to leave the house! And, if you’re looking for a bit of common ground and would like to meet other widowers or other retired singles, then there’s Just Widower Singles and Just Retired Singles for you too.

If you’re recently divorced, getting back into the dating scene can be daunting. Even though the end of a marriage is the end of an era, it also marks the start of new and brighter beginnings. Just Divorced Singles provides the perfect place to meet other singles who are going through the exact same thing as you.

There’s no denying that dating as a single parent isn’t easy but don’t let the fact that you have children stop you from finding love. With Just Single Parents, you can meet other parents that know what it’s like trying to get back out there with little (or big) ones in tow. Meeting other parents means that you know they’re not going to be scared off by your “baggage” and this type of dating is ideal as you haven’t got to leave home and organise childcare to get chatting online.

Finally, if you think that where you live is holding you back, and you’re finding it hard to meet singles in your area, try one of our location based sites. From Just Aberdeen Singles to Just Cornwall Singles, we’ve got it covered! With individual websites for locations all over England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands, we bet you’ll be surprised by how many other singles there are, practically on your doorstep!

Whatever your reasons for being single, don’t let them stand in your way of happiness. With the Just Singles websites there really are no excuses not to meet someone special. Pick the right website for you and you’ll open up a door to hundreds of singles, who have probably been making all the same excuses as you… until now!

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Emma is a Customer Care Executive. She has a degree in Fashion Studies, which she completed at Bournemouth Arts University. She has a love for vintage markets and likes to spend her summers going to music festivals and partying in Ibiza.