“I Thought, ‘I Have to Meet Him…'”

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We’ve got another success story for you! Wendy has had a whirlwind romance after meeting her match on Just Senior Singles, this is her story…


When he told me he wanted to meet me, I wasn’t sure. But late one Saturday night he messaged me asking if I was online. I replied back that I had been watching films until late and that I wanted to be up at 8 to which he replied, “You know you’re not going to be up at 8!” We chatted and I noticed that he had the same wicked sense of humour as me.

The next day I logged in, waiting for him to come online and pushed the chat button. We chatted for about an hour before he asked if he could call me. I gave him my number and we ended up chatting for over 2 hours! He had me in fits of laughter and I thought, I have to meet him. At the time I was thinking he would be a good friend to hang around with, nothing more. We arranged that he would come over Saturday afternoon but on Thursday on my way home I got a message from him saying “What time do you get home? I can’t wait until Saturday to meet you.”

He came round when I got home from work. He gave me a hug and I reached up and gave him a kiss. He left at 2 that morning and came back to my house Saturday morning. Since then we have seen each other everyday. It doesn’t feel like just two weeks, it feels like we have known each other for months and months. We are so happy together. We have both found our soul mate and now hate to be parted.


We wish Wendy and her new partner the very best for the future. If you’re still searching for that special someone, join Just Singles today and start dating your way.

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