“I Liked His Photo, He Had Nice Eyes…”


Hi everyone,

Success story time! Helen and Mark both had a difficult time after losing their partners, but they found comfort in each other when they met on Just Widower Singles.


I first contacted Mark because I liked his photo, he had nice eyes. His profile showed that we shared some of the same interests. At first we just sent messages to get to know each other. He seemed really interesting. Then he asked if I wanted to meet him. I was really pleased to meet him in person. He took me to a nice pub for a meal and a drink. We just got on well. We talked until the pub closed. The bar staff were waiting for us to leave. When he took me home, we said our goodbyes and he gave me a kiss.

Since that day we have met up for other dates. We’ve been for a meals in the evenings and days out at the weekends. We’ve driven out to another town and a been for nice long walk hand in hand. It did not seem to matter the walk was muddy and raining. I had my wellington boots on and wrapped up warm, with a nice guy on my arm.¬†After the walk we went for a meal and a drink. Another super day.

We do not have any plans for the future. We just get on well together. We both lost our previous partners. Sometimes we talk about them. Who knows where this will lead. I just wanted to say that online dating does work. It’s best to chat first before you meet up, that way you can see if you like one another.


We are so happy to have played a part in Helen and Mark’s tale. We wish them all the best for the future.

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team.