How To Write A Great Online Dating Profile


Copywriter and blogger Chelsea Louise takes control of Just Singles Talks today to give her tips on writing a great online dating profile…

I’m a copywriter by trade, which means using words to help sell things. Without getting too techy, it’s all about highlighting benefits to the target audience and convincing them that, (insert product here) is the best thing since sliced bread and that they MUST buy! Writing your online dating profile is a lot like copywriting because,  it’s all about telling people why they should pick you over the other millions of other  hopefuls.

I’ve been online dating for quite some time and have witnessed some star rated profiles, and some, well a dating site is not the right place for them!

Follow these  simple tips and tricks for writing great online dating profiles.

1. What does your reader need to know about you? The most effective form of ‘advertising’ is to write about the things that make others feel good.  Yes we all have ‘off’ days and come with baggage but this is not for your profile. Think about the things that you live for, dream off and want in life.  When I’m writing about a service, my audience wants to know that X has a passion to fix or solve X. What’s your passion(s)?

2.  How would you like to look in the eyes of others? I’ve seen so many profile pictures with everyone in them, but the actual person I’m reading about. Think of it like this : if I’m writing about Lucozade, why feature Coca Cola?  The reader wants to see you, preferably in a natural setting so avoid Friday nights out in clubs, strip bars,  pictures with children, and remember to smile! :

3.  Be honest! There’s a fine line with being honest (revert back to number 1 about off days and baggage.)  Tell your readers what you are looking for and why you are looking for it. Be honest about your likes and what you’re into, because that can be a  huge factor when it comes to actually having a relationship.


  • – Keep it relatively short (under 400 words.)
  • – Be personal in terms of job / hobbies and a bit of background information.
  • – Highlight your good points (think of yourself as a CV.)


  • – Use ‘ask me’. If you can’t be bothered to write about yourself – can you be bothered to have a relationship?
  • – Include ‘looking for fun’ because it means two things, and the second of those means you shouldn’t be on a dating site.
  • – Take a picture of yourself with a hot man / woman. Think of it like selling your house. By taking all of your personal possessions away, the buyer can imagine themselves living in that house.


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Until next time,

The Just Singles Team.