How To: Write A Great Diary


Dating Diaries are an area of the site perfect for advertising yourself and telling people about who you are and what you care about. Many success stories we get sent start with, “I was just browsing diaries when I read this…” or “What they had written really caught my eye!” But what makes a great diary entry? What should you be including and how often should you be writing entries?

Once upon a time, there was a blog entry that explained everything…

How do I write one?

Click on Diaries on your Home Page. Although you can read diary entries on your mobile, you cannot write them. To do this you will need to select ‘Switch to Desktop Version‘ at the bottom of the screen. Go to My Diary to see previous entries or Write diary entry to get cracking.

First of all you’ll need to write a title. You’ll be familiar with titles from when you compose messages. Your title makes your diary stand out from all the others. It should be a short, snappy summary that will grab attention and make people want to know more! Next, there will be a bigger box to write your diary in…

What do I write?

Treat your diary as a mini blog. Make it reflect you as a person. If you like cracking jokes, sometimes a joke or two can brighten someones day and they’ll respond to you. You could write about what kind of person you are looking for, in the hope that they are reading! You could talk about your day or something you’ve read in the news. Talk about your experiences on the site and how your dates are going (without naming names!) Whatever you choose to write about make sure you are always positive, because trust us, no one wants to date a moaner. Ask questions – make your diary a talking point to increase you messages.

Why do people read them?

JustSingles is a community, and diaries act like the notice board. People want to hear about your experiences. It’s a way to join a conversation in an informal, relaxed way. It’s an easy way to discover that someone has lots of things in common with you!

How often should I write one?

As often as you like. Try to be consistent, maybe writing one every Wednesday or twice a week. This will keep your diaries fresh and new but also get people to look forward to your next one. Read through other diaries regularly for inspiration, and to see if there’s anything you can reply to or message someone about.

Until next time,

The JustĀ  Singles Team