How To: Use Who’s Viewed Me

Who's Viewed Me

It’s undeniably fun to figure out who’s been viewing your profile. But Who’s Viewed Me is so much more than that. Use it to your advantage and it could just lead you to finding ‘the One’. Here’s all you need to know…

What Is Who’s Viewed Me?

It’s a feature that can be found on the main menu on a desktop and in your Inbox on a mobile (Views.) It shows you exactly who has viewed you, when it was and how far away they are. With just one click you can view their profile back.

Why Is It Useful?

You get to see exactly how popular you are. It gives you insight into how well your profile is working and what sorts of people it is attracting. If you’ve recently added a new photo for example, take a look at how this has affected your views. If you’re being viewed a lot more than you are being messaged, ask yourself why you think this is. Everyone gets a free first message, so there was something that put them off. Don’t take it too personally of course, but if this happens regularly take a look at your profile and see what you could change/add.

How Often Should I Use It?

It can be a real confidence booster to see how many views you get, but it’s good not to get too distracted by it. Your aim is to receive and send messages, so you should be spending most of your time in your message Inbox. That said, Who’s Viewed Me provides the ultimate ice-breaker. You’ve caught them looking, so take a look at them back, find something in their profile you can talk about and send a message. Don’t fret about making the first move!

So solve the mystery and check out who’s been checking you out today!  

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