How To: Use Report

It’s a button that the chances are you’ll never have to use. The majority of singles you meet will be nice, decent people looking for love just like you. But should you ever come across someone who is offensive, inappropriate or very suspicious, this is what you should do…

What Is The Report Button?

The report button is available at the bottom of everyone’s profile page. It will be called ‘Report’ or ‘Report (their name)’.  Once you click Report, you will then be asked: “Why are you reporting (name’s) profile?” You will be given several options. These include: Scammer, Suspicious Profile, Fake Profile, Inappropriate Content, Sending Abusive Messages and Incorrect Gender. You will then be provided with a comment box where you can include any further details.

What Is A Scammer?

A Scammer is a person whose sole purpose on site is to steal money or personal information from others. You’ll immediately be able to spot a scammer by the messages they send you. Warning signs include asking for your email address straight away, poor spelling/grammar and asking for money. Here’s more information on how to spot a faker.

Will They Know That I Have Reported Them?

No. When you report someone it stays between the moderation team and you. If you no longer want them to see you or speak to you on the site you can click the Ignore button.

What Happens Next?

Within 24 hours a trained moderator will receive your report. They will investigate further and take appropriate action. This may be in the form of a written warning or their removal from the site. Any inappropriate or offensive behavior is a breach of our terms of use, so we reserve the right to remove profiles should they be deemed unlawful. Unfortunately you will not be informed about the action taken, but rest assured if you report a member, every case is taken very seriously.

Although you should always act with caution, cases where you will need to report anyone are very rare. It’s always a good idea just to trust your instincts and have fun. Even if your suspicions turn out to be false, you’ll still get peace of mind. Here’s some other ways to stay safe online.

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team