How To: Use Looking For

We all have our preferences. Sometimes it’s hard to put your specifications into words without sounding negative or a bit judgemental. This ends now. There’s a whole area of your profile dedicated to this. It’s called Looking For and this is how you use it…

What Is Looking For?

Looking For is a section of your profile which allows you to express who your ideal type would be. It doesn’t filter searches or messages (you’ll need Filtering for that.) It is just a way of informing other singles how suitable they are to you.

Which Things Can I Choose?

Using drop down menu options, you can fill in a range of criteria. Firstly, an ideal age range. Next, tick all the heights that would interest you. Next set your desired location. Select a distance away from your set location that you would ideally like to be contacted by. Lastly, there’s your partner’s desired build. You can choose from a whole range, from petite to large.

What Happens Next?

Once you’ve completed your Looking For, this is added to your profile. So from now on, anyone who looks at your profile will be informed about how many of your criteria they match. It won’t block them in any way, it’s just a friendly message telling them how compatible they are to you.

But I Have No Preferences…

Everyone is different. Some people may be really fussy about how far away someone is from them. Some people may not even be considering someone below or above a certain age. These are the things you should use this feature for. If there is something that you’re not too bothered by, like their build, just don’t select any options or select all of them. Either way, singles will not see this preference.

What If I Don’t Fit Their Criteria?

If you match, you will see a pink tick symbol. If you don’t fit their criteria you will still be able to see who they are looking for, there will just be no tick. See this as more of a guide than a deterrent. You can still message them and you might get a reply. It’s just a friendly, informative part of their profile letting you know that if you don’t get a response, then this might be why. But most people will still reply to you, even if you are, say, the wrong height…

So there you are, set up your Looking For today! Remember though, sometimes opposites attract…

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team