How To: Use Ignore

You’ll meet many different singles online, most of them will be awesome! But on the rare occasion where you meet someone who you’d rather just ignore – we have a button for that. Here’s how and when to use the Ignore button…

What Is The Ignore Button?

The ignore button is available at the bottom of everyone’s profile page. It will be called ‘Ignore’ or ‘Ignore (their name)’. Clicking this button will prevent this person from being able to view, message you or wink at you from now on. You are essentially blocking this person.

Can They Still See Me?

The person will only be able to see your profile photo. They will no longer be able to read any of your profile or contact you. They will be notified that they are being ignored by you with a short message if they attempt to view your profile. You will also no longer be able to see their profile or contact them either whilst you are blocking them.

When Should I Ignore Someone?

There are no rules, but we advise you not to overuse this button. If you’re ignoring everyone you just don’t like the look of without even getting to know them, then you may be isolating yourself from some worthwhile connections. Give people a chance. If you have been speaking and they have started to irritate you, maybe by sending you too many messages for example, always warn them first. It’s best to be honest. If they persist – now you can use the ignore button.

What Can I do If Someone Ignores Me?

Sadly, there’s nothing you or we can do. Ignoring someone is completely up to the individual and there is no way to override this decision. It may be frustrating and you may be confused, but our best advice is to simply move on and concentrate on making other connections.

How do I Un-ignore Someone?

If you want to unblock someone, go to Account > Ignoring or Ignore list. Here you will find a list of all the people you are currently ignoring. To stop ignoring someone, click on their photo and click the Unignore button in the message. They will now be able to contact you again.

The Ignore button is a great way to avoid further irritation or prevent an awkward situation. However, if someone is being abusive, offensive, threatening or is worrying you in any way – the Report button is the one for you. But you will very rarely need to use this, if at all.

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team