How To: Use Emojis Effectively


You must have seen them on the site by now?! Emojis have invaded Inboxes, Diaries and profiles. There’s no getting away from them. They may be new and exciting, but how many emojis is too many? Where is the emoji line and have you crossed it? We’re here to help! (thumbs up, smiley face!)

How do I use them?

See that smiling face in the square next to the text box? Click on him and he’ll show you all of his emoji friends. Select the one you want and it will be added into either your profile, message or diary entry.

When should I use them?

Emojis are great for breaking up long paragraphs, so if you’ve just finished writing your life story in your ‘About Me’, why not throw in some emojis to mix it up a bit?! They are also great for subject lines, as they tend to be more eye-catching than just text. So, when writing a first message, throw in an emoji to stand out from the crowd! In messages, they are great for expressing feeling, like if it’s a reply to a joke they’ve just told you, add a laughing face! Don’t overdo it though, words should always outnumber emojis.

Which ones should I use?

There are so many to choose from, sometimes its hard to find the right one. It’s up to you which ones to use, but we recommend that you don’t use the same ones every time, especially in messages. These are our favourites:

Smiling_Face_Emoji_large Smiley face. A classic. Instantly makes you look positive. Use after a joke or when introducing yourself.

Heart_Eyes_Emoji_2_large Heart eyes. If you loved a part of their profile, tell them in a message. “You love cabbage?! Me Too! ”

Kiss_Emoji_Icon_2 Kiss face. Self explanatory. Get to know them well before using.

Cherry_Blossom_Emoji_large Everyone loves to receive flowers. Even emoji ones.

1f37e Champagne. Does their profile talk about an achievement? Congratulate them!

heavy-black-heart_2764 Heart. Self explanatory. You’ll be using this in no time!

How many is too many?

If emojis outnumber the words you’ve written, this is too many. If you’ve used the same emoji twice in a message or your profile, this is also too many. Before you’ve sent your message or submitted your profile/diary for moderation, think – do these emojis add anything to what I am saying? Would it still be as interesting without them? You be the judge, but when in doubt, leave them out.

Well, this has been a roller-coaster ride of emojion. Now go forth and emoji like a professional. (Smiley face, heart)

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team