How To: Stay Safe Online

safe dating

It’s Safer Internet Day, so we’re doing our bit towards a safer internet by giving you a quick reminder on how to stay safe when online dating. 

1. Protect Your Information

Keep all your passwords safe and secret. Make sure you really get to know someone before you give out personal contact details. Remember – all of your messages can be monitored and assessed by our moderation team on the site, but none that occur off the site through private communication. So make sure you are convinced this person is genuine before giving out alternative contact details. When in doubt, don’t give your number out!

2. Report Suspicious Activity

Got concerns about a member of the site? Don’t keep this to yourself. We have a security system in place to prevent and delete fraudulent profiles, but when on the rare occasion some fall through the safety net – we rely on you to bring them to our attention. Once they’re flagged up by you, our experts assess them and can take necessary action. Even if you’re not sure – it’s always better to act. To report a member click on the ‘report member’ button on their profile. To block them, click ‘Ignore’.

3. Meeting Up

When you’re both ready to meet each other in real life always meet up first in a public place. Plan how you are going to get there and back, never relying on your date. Always tell someone where you are going and who you are meeting. Texting whilst on the date may be rude, but a short text to say you’re fine at one point in the date is OK.

4. Have Fun!

Remember that dating is fun and online danger is very rare. The vast majority of singles you will encounter will be just as genuine as you are. As long as you trust your instincts and follow these safety rules you will be safe and find ‘the one’ in no time!

We have a blog all about spotting fakers by the way, if you want to read more. Otherwise stay safe and carry on dating!

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team