How To: Spot A Faker


Online dating is a safe place, and the majority of people you encounter will be nice, friendly and real. But even with all the safety nets and security systems JustSingles has in place, it’s always good to be extra savvy. On the rare occasion that someone suspicious slips through our net, we have some top tips for you on how to spot a faker, and what to do next…

Alarm bells should start ringing if:

Someone asks for your personal contact details without getting to know you first.

All private messages on the site can be moderated 24 hours a day. All communication off the site cannot. No matter how nice and charming this new person may seem, always be cautious about giving out your personal email address or phone number straight away. A real single searching for love will want to really get to know you on the site first. It’s OK to reply with a casual, “Let’s get to know each other a bit first, and see how things go…”

Their messages are written in broken English.

Follow your instinct. We can’t all be excellent spellers, and sometimes our grammar can be a bit off, but this doesn’t make us fake. However, if their language seems consistently strange and unnatural be a bit wary. If you become increasingly concerned our best advice is to report the member to us by clicking the report profile button on their profile page, because then we can investigate them further for you.

They live abroad.

We only allow people living in the country the site is registered in to join the site. If you start speaking to someone who says they live abroad – be alert. They may have joined the site and then moved, but this is rare. They have most likely joined the site by fraudulently changing their location. Just think, would your everyday single person want to join a dating site in another country?

You get asked for money.

If a stranger in the street asked you for a large sum of money – would you hand it over without question? No! Would you, a genuine person, ever ask a stranger you met online to send you some cash? No! If someone is intent on pure money-making, they will be able to tell you convincing stories about why they desperately need your cash. In NO circumstances should you ever send money to anyone you meet online. Say no, block them and report them straight away.

Their photo looks too good to be true.

We’re not saying ignore every good-looking person you see, cos where would the fun be in that? But if the guy or girl looks like an absolute film star, or like they’ve just stepped off the catwalk, and they don’t seem to have many different photos, be aware. We have a 24 hour team, plus photo recognition software to spot fake photos, but sometimes a few may slip through the net. Again, use your instinct, do their messages match their face? As soon as you get suspicious report them.

For more information about how to date safe, visit The Online Dating Association, or contact our support team. Remember, when on the site you can:


Use the ‘Ignore button’ on their profile to block a person from contacting you or viewing your profile.


Use the ‘Report button’ on their profile to report your concerns straight to our moderation team, who will investigate this member further.

You can also comment any questions you may have. Now you’re up to speed on safe dating, get chatting!

Until next time,

The JustĀ  Singles Team