How To Ruin A Perfect Date


These are the top 5 turn offs on a first date. So, if you want to avoid any further contact with them, go wild! But if you’d quite like a second date, read on…

Constantly bring up your ex
It shouldn’t really be mentioned at all on a first date, it’s just a mood killer. But if the other person happens to ask you any questions about previous relationships, give short, vague answers and try to steer away to a different subject IMMEDIATELY. They’re probably after a short answer anyway, what they’re not after is a half-an-hour heart to heart about how badly your ex treated you and how their new partner looks really ugly from what you’ve seen on Facebook. This is a fresh beginning for you, don’t let them go away knowing more about your ex than you!

Don’t put down your phone
It’s nice to feel wanted and appreciated, isn’t it? So let your date know that you actually want to be there by giving them 100% of your attention for a couple of hours – you can live without seeing adorable pictures of your friend’s baby for one night! If someone goes to the effort of organising a date, getting dressed up and showing up despite being in a nervous panic about it for the last week, then they deserve a little of your time. Obviously, the same goes for them.

Put the staff in their place
There’s nothing more embarrassing and intimidating than witnessing someone lose their cool on the first date because the waiter got the drinks order wrong. This is your chance to show your date that you’re a cool, calm and collected person, so let it go. If the service was bad, crack a few jokes about it and resolve not to come back again; it shows you can stay calm in tough situations and you’re an all-round nice person. We want to impress our date, not scare them!

Turn up late
Aah, a classic way to annoy anyone you want to impress. You can be 5 or 10 minutes late so that you’re not the first person there, but anymore than that is just plain rude. If you know you’re not going to make it in time, drop them a text or a quick phone call to let them know; it’s a horrible feeling thinking you’ve been stood up! It also gives the impression that you’re not really that bothered.

Don’t let them get a word in
Of course, your date wants to get to know you tonight, but take a breath and let them have a turn too! List 5 open questions in your head that you’d like to ask them, when you feel like the conversation has been about you for too long, ask one of your question to restore the balance. Talking about yourself for hours on end might be therapeutic, but that’s what therapist are for! You might come off as a little bit selfish.

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