How To: Play Encounters


Here’s a quick guide to our Encounters feature – the most interesting way to search!

To play, you will need:

1. A photo

2. At least a bit of profile filled in

Getting Started:

Encounters is a feature designed to make the most of first impressions. We see a photo – we make a decision whether we are attracted or not. It can take just seconds to decide, but make the right choice, get matched and who knows what will happen… Encounters is a fun dating game designed to increase connections.

How To Play:

  • Click on Encounters
  • A photo of a single will appear, along with their name, age and distance from you
  • You now make a decision, are you interested?
  • If you are intrigued click Yes or the tick
  • If you’re not a fan click No or the cross
  • If you’re not sure, click Maybe

Aim Of The Game:

Once you’ve rated a few singles, have a look at the results.

  • Matched – will show you the people who liked you back. This is great, because you know the feeling is mutual and they are very likely to message you back!
  • You Want To Meet – here you can view the people you liked, have a look at their profiles and learn more about them.
  • Wants To Meet You – get a sneaky peak at who has liked you, who knows? This may just change your mind about them…

Now you know the rules, get cracking! Encounters is a great way of getting yourself out there. Knowing that the person who you are talking to feels the same way is a great confidence boost! Let us know what you think of our dating game in the comments.

Until next time,

The JustĀ  Singles Team