How To: Know If You Are Ready To Date


Are You Ready To Be Dating?

Online dating can be a great experience and the start of something great, but it pays to make sure you are ready.  Making sure you are open and willing is essential. Here are some key signs that you are ready to get out there!

You Know What You Are Looking For!

So, you know what you want, and you are not afraid to go get it. If you take your dating life seriously, it’s essential to know what your end goal is. The good news is your assuredness will improve your dating life. Aimless dating is not the way forward.


You’ve Given Yourself Time After Your Last Breakup…

So your last relationship didn’t quite go the distance but you took some time out, figured out what you wanted and moved on. Great, you’re ready for dating again! Having taken some time for yourself and dealt with it healthily, you’ll end up being a better partner for it.

You’ve Left Your Baggage Behind…

Everybody has some emotional baggage. Past experiences shape us into who we are today, but if you’ve found healthy ways to leave that baggage at the door, dating beckons you! Letting go can open you up to new positive experiences and a great dating experience for you AND the lucky people you date. It also comes across in your profile, as you will write a more positive, engaging description of yourself.


You’re Open To Finding Love!

This is a big one. If you feel like you could really open up to someone, the dating world is your oyster! Many people start out closed off, in hopes that the experience itself will help them open up to love. Being emotionally available is key. If you feel like you’d welcome a new match with open arms, it’s time to start looking for them!

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team