How To Have The Best First Date

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First dates are nerve-wracking, and sometimes we make it more complicated for ourselves than it actually is! Let’s go back to basics and explore the art of just having a good time…

Get excited
It’s perfectly normal to get nervous before a first date, there’s so many ‘what if’s’ that its sometimes hard to feel excited about the whole thing, that’s why it’s important to think about the positives. Make sure your first date venue or activity is something you enjoy or something you haven’t even tried yet, this way you can focus more on the actual activity rather than the reason you’re going. You’ll be so bloody excited about what you’re doing or the amazing meal you’re about to eat that your date might even think you’re happy about meeting them!

Be responsive
There’s nothing worse than feeling like the other person isn’t interested on a first date, so it’s important to make sure you’re actually listening to what they’re talking about. Pay attention to your own body language and remember to smile and nod when you have no idea what they’re going on about! Don’t be afraid to speak up and have your say, it should be 50/50, you should both get a chance to talk.

Sexy talk
We all have different ideas about what we find sexy, but for most of us, confidence is a the top of the list. The fact that you’ve joined a dating site in the first place makes it obvious that you’re looking for a relationship, but a first date doesn’t have to be all about shopping for the perfect partner. Lay off the relationship talk for a while and engage in some intelligent conversation to really impress your date – you’ll probably find you’ll relax more too! Arrive at your date with three love-unrelated topics in mind to talk about.

Keep it real
Of course we want to impress on a first date, but be careful how you do it. Don’t pretend to like the same things or lie completely to create a common interest; if you actually start a relationship with this person then you’ll either have to keep up with the lie forever or come clean with an awkward conversation. Integrity is much more attractive, so stick with your opinions and be proud of your own interests and achievements – they’re what makes you unique!

Think of it as a lesson
Ever had an interview for a job you didn’t get, but were thankful for the experience anyway? Sometimes dating is a bit like that. When you first meet someone, they’re either going to be a blessing or a lesson, and with every rejection and disastrous date comes another lesson. Prepare for rejection but don’t dwell on it; losing someone after a first or second date is not a big loss to your life, you’ll move on pretty quickly. Go to the date preparing to have an awesome time and anything that comes after that is a bonus!

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