How To: Handle A Break-Up

Don’t sit alone in a darkened room, singing along to Turn Around by Bonnie Tyler whilst staring at photos of you and your ex together. Break-ups are hard. You feel let down, hurt, betrayed, angry and sad. But there is hope on the horizon. Here’s how to handle a break-up like a strong independent person who don’t need no man/woman…

Don’t look back in anger

Deal with your anger. Whether that’s going to an exercise class, going somewhere secluded and shouting and swearing, or even playing violent Xbox games. Anger will build and build inside you, but try not to direct it at your ex, you’ll say and do things you’ll regret.

The end of the line

Write your feelings down. This will help you rationalise them, which is the first step towards moving on. It’s also a great release of emotion, and will leave you feeling calmer with a more focused mind.

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You’re so vain

Remind yourself of all the bad things about your ex. He snored loads, she was sooo vain, he hated your cat… Think how much better off you will be now without them!

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Movin’ on up!

Stand by this decision, whether you made it or not it happened for a reason. You will move on to someone wayyy better. Have you seen the singles on JustSingles lately? The grass is greener, that’s all we’re saying…

So don’t be all like this:

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Be like this:

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 Until next time,

The Just  Singles Team