How To: Get More Profile Views

profile views

There’s a whole site out there, full to the brim with singles. So how do you stand out and get noticed? Every profile view you receive brings you closer to finding ‘The One’. So let’s keep our profiles interesting and our photos dazzling! Here are our top tips to being a single showstopper:

1. Profile Photo

The first thing people see is almost always your profile photo. On the Search page you are surrounded by other men and women, so make sure you attract the right attention. Choose a photo that is:

  • In focus and clear
  • Just of you
  • Smiley and approachable

Have a look through your photos, choose the best and set it as your profile photo.

2. Photos, Photos, Photos!

Once your profile photo is on point, focus on adding more photos. The more frequently you add them, the more you’ll be seen. The amount of photos you have is displayed using a camera symbol, and people are way more attracted to people who have more photos, as it makes you look confident and genuine. So the more photos you have, the more views you’ll get.

Top Tip: When adding more photos, make each one of them show off a different part of your personality. Try being up to date by reflecting a change of season/national holiday/latest craze into your photo gallery.

3. Complete Your Profile

Give them something to message you about! Filling out all of your profile shows that you are serious and interesting. Your ‘Looking For’ will notify people if they match your criteria and when your ‘Interests’ match. People can also search by ‘Characteristics’ like hair colour, so adding this will really get you noticed by interested singles. Regularly updating your profile will put you into ‘Recently Updated’ on the Search page and a symbol will appear to notify others. This is the place to be, as singles are more attracted to people who look active on the site, (cos you’re more likely to message them back!)

4. Unlock Bolt-Ons

Bolt-ons are a quick and easy way of being instantly noticed more. Search VIP highlights your photo and adds a crown symbol to your photo in the Search page, which makes you look important. Contact For Free allows you to be contacted by all members, and notifies others with a special symbol on your photo. You can find Bolt-ons under Account > Bolt-Ons.

5. Send An Introduction

An Introduction message allows you to send a mass message introducing you to the members of JustSingles. Make this message intriguing, snappy and add open questions to get people talking to you. Sending this message will really get you viewed, and contacted! It can be found on your Home page.

6. Log In Regularly!

The more you use the site, the more people will see you. You’ll pop up on their screens when you log in and show up on the Search page as Online now. Some members only message other singles if they are online at the same time as them, so your conversation is more instant – don’t miss out!

Top Tip: Log In and play Encounters, the more singles you like, the more will be matched with you! It’s also fun!

So go on, log in now and whip your profile into shape! You’ll be a JustSingles celeb in no time!

Until next time,

The JustĀ  Singles Team