How To: Escape A Bad Date

You’re on a date and you’re getting bad vibes, you can’t have the perfect date every time. Could be because they look dramatically different in real life, could be that you have nothing in common or they might just not be for you. Whatever the reason, you need to leave fast – and this is how you can do it…

1. The Time Limit

First dates are the riskiest ones, because you have no idea what this person will be like. Plan a casual setting and let them know beforehand that you have somewhere you need to be afterwards. This way you know there is an end in sight and you don’t need to think up excuses. Leave yourself just enough time to get a good first impression.

2. The Emergency Call

It’s a classic, but play it right and you’ll be able to get out of any date. If you need to escape a date, ask a friend or family member beforehand to be on call. Head to the toilets and send them a message telling them to call you. Head back to your date. Make a big deal about who’s calling and how out of the blue this is. When talking on the phone try and act genuinely shocked and concerned. Apologise to your date, explain the emergency as much as you feel you need to and make your exit.

3. The Headache

Your date turns up and you immediately know they’re not the one and you don’t want to hang about. Start the lie early on – say you have a headache. Order some water and use this as an excuse for why you might not be as talkative as you normally are. Listen to them talk awkwardly for a bit. If they don’t pick up on your illness and suggest rescheduling don’t be afraid to speak up yourself. Tell them you feel ill and you need to go.

4. Sacrifice Your Outfit

If you’re not afraid of making a bit of a scene – this is the one for you. Choose a part of your outfit to sacrifice. “Accidentally” spill your drink over yourself. Act surprised and shocked. Claim this is a very expensive jumper/skirt/scarf and you need to get home straight away so it doesn’t stain. Also if you were planning on going somewhere afterwards, your date will hardly expect you to walk around looking a state, so will let you leave without any protest.

5. Be Honest

This is the most noble way out, but it takes real guts. If this person isn’t right for you and you don’t see this going anywhere speak your mind in the kindest way you can. If they take it fairly well you could even give them some honest feedback, maybe give them some advice for the future. But do act with caution because you can’t really predict how this person will react or what they will take personally.

Don’t suffer from a bad date, there’s always an escape route. Remember to date safely, have fun and don’t get put off by a bad experience. It happens – we’ve all got to date a few frogs…

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team