How To: Create Inbox Filters


Fed up of being messaged by unsuitable singles? We’ve all been there. But did you know that JustSingles has a feature that sorts your messages for you? Quit time-wasting and set up Inbox filters today! Here’s how…

What Are Inbox Filters?

Inbox filters help to sort your messages for you. You choose your desired criteria and from then on every person who fits this and sends you a message will appear in your Filtered Inbox.

How Do I Add Filters?

In Desktop mode, click on Account, then Filtering. Tick the Enable box, then select your criteria and Save Filters.

Which Filters Can I Use?

You can select the age ranges you would prefer to be messaged by. You can also limit them to a certain distance away from you. If you’re only interested with those with a photo, you can select this too. Most people do specify that they only want to be messaged by those with a photo, so to ensure that your messages aren’t being filtered out it’s always best to have a photo!

What Happens To The Filtered Out Messages?

If someone messages you and they don’t fit your preferences their message still gets through, it just goes into your Unfiltered Inbox. You can switch between these inboxes at anytime. They also get sent a friendly message informing them that they may not get a response from you because they do not match your criteria.

Get your messages organized and start prioritizing suitable singles with Inbox Filters. Just remember that dating isn’t perfect and sometimes the right person for us may be a little further away than we would have liked, or a bit older or younger. So it’s good to still check your unfiltered Inbox, just in case.

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team