Guys, We Really Love it When You…

This week Jenna gives some advice to the guys…

Most guys I know assume that the only way to put a smile on a woman’s face is to buy her a designer handbag, shower her in diamonds and take her to the finest restaurants. Now don’t get me wrong, this will probably do the trick, but in my opinion it’s the little things that really count. For example, we really love it when you…


No I don’t mean when we’re talking about Jane from down the road’s sister’s friends’ baby. We know you find that boring, in the same way most of us find talk of cars, sports and farting boring. What I mean is, listen when we’re talking about things we’re interested in. If your lady friend mentions in passing that there’s a show she’d like to see, surprise her with tickets. If she tells you Dirty Dancing is her favourite movie of all time, remember that. When she’s having a bad day, cheer her up with a bottle of wine and an evening of watching Patrick Swayze swing his hips. If her favourite flowers are lilies, don’t send her tulips. You see, they key is in the detail.

Go Old Fashioned On Us

Gentleman, take a note from the Darcy’s and Selfridge’s of the world. Women love it when they’re treated like ladies. Hold doors open for her, pull her seat out and offer your jacket when she’s cold. This sounds a little obvious but you’ll be amazed how many dates I’ve been on where I’ve narrowly escaped breaking my nose on a door swinging back towards me.

Go For The Unexpected Kiss

If we’re dating you, we want to kiss you… lots. But there’s something really lovely about being surprised by the unexpected kiss. A kiss on the forehead or hand is a sign of true affection, and it’ll make her feel super special. It’s not all about the where of course, the when is important too. If you’re a few dates in and you’ve already shared your first kiss, don’t keep her waiting until the end of the date. Surprise her with a kiss half way through the date and let her know you just couldn’t wait any longer.


The flirting should never stop, no matter what level of the dating game you’re on. Be playful and complimentary. If you’re seeing her that night, send her a text during the day to let her know you’re thinking about it as much as she is. It’s these little things that keep the spark alive.

So what do you think? Ladies, is there anything you’d add to the list? Guys, what little things mean a lot to you? Tell us below!

One response to “Guys, We Really Love it When You…”

  1. Bryan says:

    First off I’d like to say I love your site…..I am a parent who has been married for 25 yrs. I have a daughter who is 23 and a senior in college and desperately wants a soulmate….however I want her to take her time,don’t cheapen herself and set high standards and ask from within and without for Mr. right to enter her life…..picture all the good qualities of a good husband and provider should possess and be patient….i’ll definately be passing this site on to her for I feel you are offering excellent and valuable advice and I can since your sincerity helping young singles to connect….I could go on an on but I’ll definately be stopping by on the regular keep up the good work.