Give Your Profile A Spring Clean!


The sun is shining, the birds are singing and summer love is around the corner. It’s time to get the digital feather duster out and make your profile sparkle… ready for this year’s adventure?

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It’s time to mix things up a bit a give your profile text a bit of a facelift. The doom and gloom of winter is behind us, now the sun is coming out we can all start to feel a a bit more positive about life and that should reflect in your profile! What have you been up to recently? Any new hobbies or funny stories? Maybe you’ve changed your mind about what you’re after? Updating your profile every now and again will keep you near the top of the search list and on everyone’s mind!

On Just Singles, you can search by lots of different characteristics and interests to help narrow down your search. Remember to fill in your interests (things you actually like doing, not what you think will impress someone the most) so that your perfect match doesn’t pass you by! Keep it simple and only select what apply to you, that way you’re more likely to be contacted by someone who enjoys the same pastimes.

Having a profile photo is important for a successful online dating experience, and having more than one dramatically increases your chances! As everyone’s getting into the mood for summer, why not take some snaps of yourself out and about enjoying the sunshine? Just remember to take the sunglasses off so you can be recognised on a date! Make sure your images are recent; showing ancient photos is one of the top pet peeves for online daters.

We’re always thinking of new ways to help you find your match here on Just Singles, so we’ve introduced a Q & A feature into your profile; there’s plenty of questions to choose from and it makes for an interesting read! You can answer as little or as many questions as you want, such as: What did you want to be when you were growing up? What’s your favourite place in the world to visit? or What’s the most embarrassing think you’re willing to admit? These questions can reveal a lot about a person and give you something to talk about…

No more hiding in the shadows, it’s time to be impulsive and make the first move! It’s no use sitting around and waiting for someone to contact you, what if the other person is doing the same thing? Set yourself a goal to send at least 3 messages a day and you’re tripling your odds of finding someone!

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The Just Singles Team.

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Rachel is a Marketing Executive. She’s obsessed with Game of Thrones and country music. Her favourite pastime is cuddling up with her two Labradors and binge watching Netflix.

4 responses to “Give Your Profile A Spring Clean!”

  1. I’m seperated but now ready for a major change in my life, no longer happy or content to be alone, but wish to investigate, exploit and find true love and happiness. Someone who enjoys travel and laughing together. Finding a companion is now my wish, my hope, my determination. My faith is essential to me as i believe will lead me to my ultimate sole mate. I know that you are out there, so, lets find each other!

  2. Hi, my name is Mark and I live between Glengormley and Templepatrick I’m a happy person, but now realises that there is something missing in my life, namely a bit of romance. I like to socialise and like to go out for nice meals but also do like romantic nights in, snuggling and cuddling. I love to travel and have done so all over the world, but have not finished yet many more exciting places to visit and see. Would love to chat with yourself and maybe even arrange for a rendezvous I enjoy music and sport, as I played rugby for Collegians Rugby Football Club, now called Belfast Harlequins, JOIN ME…..

  3. woo says:

    I am a logical,quantitative,fast learner big picture thinker.
    And team player,out going,enthusiastic,and very caring.
    I am good at straight,honest truthful facts of our life.
    I am focused,detailed oriented,hard working & dedicated.
    I am a firm believer,God fearing, and born again,really committed .
    If you are not a born again ,
    There won’t be a deal .

  4. Jess says:

    Hello beautiful lady,
    Consider me as an admirer. May I have this dance?