First Messages For Men

Dear Men. We women get a lot of attention when online dating. We have a lot of messages to sift through and have to endure a lot of clichés and cringe in our dating lives. Here’s our ‘messages for men’ advice to you on how to grab our attention and get a reply…

Sound Human

This sounds weird but we so often receive messages that sound robotic or formal. We can instantly tell if you’ve copied and pasted this message and sent it to loads of women (perhaps with our name changed, but sometime’s not!) Talk to us like you would in real life. Use an opening line that makes you stand out and that grabs our attention. Anyone can just say, “Hi!” Break the mold and find some common ground with something that you’ve spotted in our profile.

Make Us Laugh

No woman can resist a man who makes them laugh. You don’t have to meet in person to do this. Break the ice with a joke! Leave out any innuendo (big turn off) and add your personal style of humour into your messages. If she responds with a laugh or even some witty banter, you’re onto a winner!

Facts Of Life

Knowledge is power. This applies in messages too. If you’ve just learnt an interesting fact – share it! The more random the better. It’ll make you memorable and will provide the perfect ice-breaker. “Did you know Kim Jong-un spends tens of thousands of pounds a year importing Swiss cheese?” “What? No way! How strange! Where did you learn that? Gouda for him.”

Be A Bit Bold

You don’t want to be too pushy or full on, but sometimes taking charge and being upfront can be refreshing, especially about feelings. Don’t try to play games, be yourself and be natural. If you feel like you’re ready to meet this woman, ask her. If there’s something you like about her, say it!

On behalf of every female, we wish you good luck and we look forward to hearing from you soon!