First Date Signals – Great Date

We have talked about the signs of a bad date but what about the signs of a good one?

It can still be tricky to figure out if your date is going well, so take a look at the signs below and see if your date is going strong!

Key signs that your first date is going well!

They can’t take their eyes off you!


If your date is staring at you adoringly while you talk about that time you accidentally fell into a the Regent’s canal, they are so into you! Studies show that people look at those they like more than those they do not. Keeping eye contact is a sure sign they are interested in you and a confident step towards another date.

They are moving closer…

If they are shuffling closer to you, or touching your arm, your date is really enjoying your company and you might be looking at second date material! (If they are borderline groping you..not so much) If your date goes in for a hand hold or just scooches up a little closer at the cinema, things are going well.

They are engaging in conversation

If they are engaging with you about your stories and there are no awkward silences, chances are you’re onto a winner. If they have a healthy balance between talking about themselves and listening to you, you could have found your perfect match. Better organise that next date!

The date lasts for hours – and you don’t even notice

You sat down at 6pm and what feels like 5 minutes later, it’s midnight. You have talked and laughed and shared for hours and you didn’t even notice the clock ticking away. Time flies when you are having fun right!? If you are both exclaiming that you don’t know where the time went, chances are you are a great fit and on your way to date number 2.

You both agree to a second date

This is an obvious one, but sometimes you can’t be 100% sure if the date went well. Maybe nerves or other circumstances got in the way and both of you nearly accidentally sabotaged it before any fire was lit. You know by the end of the date if you want to go out with your match again, so say so. If they say yes, you can rest easy and the next date will probably go a lot smoother.

Until next time,
The Just Singles Team