First Date Signals – The Bad Date

If Just Singles had a magic wand, we would wave it and make sure that everyone met their perfect match first time round and then no one would need go through any awkward dates! If only it were possible…

Unfortunately dating is a tricky minefield of uncertainty, so if you find yourself on your first date with someone and you are not sure how it is going, take a look at the signs below and see if your date is going strong or going sour!

Key signs that your first date is going downhill…

They are using their phone constantly

Is your date spending more time looking at their phone than they are at you? This should ring alarm bells. They might well be the business type that has to be switched on 24/7, or maybe they are just distracted. Whatever the reason, if they are glued to their handset, make your excuses and count your lucky stars that you didn’t waste anymore time on them!

They are talking over you

You start talking about your hobbies and BAM they interrupt and start talking over you, talking about themselves. Once or twice is forgivable but if your date is more interested in talking about themselves than they are listening to you, it’s time to think about calling it a night.

They are fidgeting

Everyone gets nervous before a date, but if they are looking very uneasy and constantly checking around them, it’s not unreasonable to assume they have something to hide or they don’t want to be there. Question your date and encourage them to be honest. You don’t want to date a time waster. If they admit they are not feeling a connection, be understanding. Then skip off home, stick your favourite film on and enjoy the JOMO!

They are rushing the date

Is your date constantly checking their watch? Hurrying the waiter? These are big give-aways that your date wants to be somewhere else or maybe they have their mind on something else.
Either way, ask them. If they come up with an elaborate story or try to coerce you back to theirs make your excuses and run.

They are talking about their ex… a lot

We all have a past, and it is OK to touch on it a little, but if they start talking excessively about their lost love, order that taxi NOW. If they tell you how much you remind them of their ex, get your trainers on too, it’s only going to get worse.

They get drunk

It’s perfectly natural to enjoy a glass or two, or sneak a small drink to steady your nerves, but if your date is putting the booze away and slurring their way through the date, it’s not a great sign. They might even have a real problem. Escape now and you have saved yourself weeks of falling for someone only to realise they like the bottle more than you.

There just wasn’t a connection/ Lets be friends

This can go either way. Maybe you already feel it’s not right or perhaps you thought it went great but your date isn’t feeling the same. Either way you both should be honest. Rejection can be a tough pill to swallow but it just means they aren’t right for you and vice versa. Your true match is still out there!

Until next time,
The Just Singles Team