First Date Fashion – Ladies, Listen Up!

This week, our resident fashionista Emma talks about that all important first date outfit…

Let’s face it, whether you met online or have been set up through mutual friends, the thought of a first date with a man you’ve never met before is a daunting one.  Will we find enough to talk about? Will I live up to the standards set by my oh-so witty emails? Will we have chemistry?

With all this on your mind, the last thing you want to have to worry about is what to wear on that all important first date. But we do worry don’t we, because we all know how important it is to make the right first impressions. So what should we be wearing on a first date? I decided that a good place to start to get it right would be to find out how to get it wrong.  We all know what we like to wear, but what do men like us to wear? Here’s what some of my male friends said when I asked them about their first date turn-offs:

Too much make up – This came up as the most popular answer, heavy eye make in particular.  It seems they just find this a bit scary, with one friend describing it simply as a “disaster”.  So keep it minimal girls, using just enough to emphasise your features without going overboard.

Sky high heels –  A man likes to be taller than his date. It makes him feel manly! By all means wear a heel but just be aware that if they’re going to make you over 6ft tall, your date may feel slightly intimated. Also do the walk test – if you can’t walk in them without looking strange, leave them at home.

Big hoop earrings – I wasn’t given much reason behind this one, they’re just not good.

Short shorts –  On asking what the guys thought about short skirts, the general consensus was that these are absolutely fine.  In any situation. (Says a lot about the male company I keep!) However, one thing that a few agreed on was that short shorts, the type to reveal a bit of behind just don’t give off the right message in a potential girlfriend. Take note bum bearers!

Ugg Boots – Forget about it!” And that was all he said on the matter. Ugg boots may be warm and comfy but they just don’t give the sexy and sophisticated image that men want to see. They’re just a little too much on the wrong side of casual for a date.

Leggings – While we’re on the subject of being too casual, leggings came up amongst the answers.  Apparently they give the impression that you don’t want to make a good impression. If you are a leggings wearer, why not swap them for skinny jeans? They look a lot more sophisticated whilst still showing off that whole lot of leg that men so desire.

Too much on show – By this, I mean too much cleavage. As much as men do like this, they also think that it can give off the wrong message if you’re willing to show everything off at once. Leave something to the imagination… or to second dates.

Ripped tights – This may be an obvious one but no man wants to see a pair of tights that look like they’ve been pulled through a holly bush before you put them on. This not only makes you look scruffy but also gives the vibe that you just don’t care.

All that I can conclude from this is that men like to see that you have made an effort but haven’t gone over the top. They also want to see parts of you but not all of you. Reveal just enough to keep him interested but not enough to put him off a second date altogether. It’s about finding that middle ground, where you feel comfortable and so does he.

If you feel physically and emotionally comfortable in the way that you look on a date, this will be apparent in your confidence. Simply put, if you look good, you feel good and your date will bounce off this vibe. Make sure your clothes fit well and that you’re looking the best you can. Unsurprisingly, squeezing into that size-too-small dress won’t make you look that size, it’s likely to make you look bigger than you really are, not to mention how uncomfortable you’ll feel all evening. Choosing something that fits and flatters your figure will mean that you are comfortable, making your confidence sky high and allowing you to concentrate on showing off the amazing you. Just taking that little bit of extra time to get ready before the date, you can make sure that you look top to toe fabulous, and feel it too!

Of course, dressing comfortably is also about dressing in a way that expresses your own character. If you have your own unique style, don’t be afraid to show it off as this is all a part of you and your individuality.  Your date needs to know who you are from the start. In my experience, some men are attracted to girls for their strong sense of individual style where as others prefer more conventional looks. The bottom line is, you should always be true to yourself and the way that you like to dress. Chances are if your date likes you, he will also like your style. Following this simple advice should mean that you can spend a lot more effort on the date itself and all of those pre-date worries will just take care of themselves.

So here’s to great first impressions and (hopefully) second dates!

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  1. Gus says:

    Well Emma you did a great job, writing that article