Don’t Be A Shady Dater


This summer, the sun’s out and the shades are on! We know the drill. But when considering which photo to set as your profile photo, the shades need to stay away. Here’s why…

Recently on JustSingles we’ve noticed a dramatic increase in the amount of singles wearing sunglasses in their profile photos. We decided to delve deeper into the trend and see what effect this was having on member success rates. By success we mean the amount of profile views, messages and winks these people are getting. The results are shocking!

When a member wore sunglasses in their profile photo, (so as their main photo) the average amount of attention they got dramatically lowered. Therefore just by covering your eyes you are losing out on encounters! We also did a few polls on social media to get an overall opinion on sunglasses. On our Twitter poll – NO ONE said they thought wearing sunglasses in a dating photo was a good idea. We think we might know why…

It’s all to do with first impressions. Your profile photo is the first thing people see, either in Encounters or on the Search page. Being able to see the person’s whole face instantly shows them to be open, genuine and confident. Sunglasses hide the eyes, which is a very expressive part of the face. You may be looking chilled on a hot day, but you don’t look so cool to fellow singles. You look like you have something to hide. that you aren’t sure what you’re doing and that you aren’t really taking this seriously. Trust us, this is a bad first impression to be giving!

So leave the shades for the beach, at least keep them out of your main profile photo!

Until next time,

The JustĀ  Singles Team