Don’t Be A Nonsense Blocker

The ‘Ignore’ button undeniably plays an important role on the site. It’s there for a good reason, blocking unwanted attention. However, we’ve recently noticed quite a few instances where it’s been used the wrong way. Here’s how you should be blocking people and what could happen if used incorrectly…

How Do I Go About Blocking Someone?

In case you don’t know, there’s a button called ‘Ignore’ on every single profile that you come across. Pressing this stops this person from viewing your profile or speaking to you any further. It also notifies this person that they have been blocked by you.

Blocking: When Should I?

If someone has been abusive or offensive in any way this is the perfect way to prevent further interaction. It’s important that you also report them to us if this is the case. Also if you’ve let this person down gently and they’re just not getting the hint, now would be the time to block.

Blocking: When Shouldn’t I?

Some people seem to be blocking people who they have never had any interaction with before. It’s strange behavior and to be honest we’re not entirely sure why they do this. One guess would be that they view this person, make a snap decision about them and press Ignore, as a sort of filing system. This is a bad way to use the feature. If you are not interested in someone on the site we advise that you simply do not start conversation with them. Blocking them could cause unnecessary upset and prevent you from potential matches.

What Do I Do If I Have Been Blocked?

There’s not a lot you or we can do I am afraid. Once you’ve been blocked, even if it’s for no reason or not your fault, no one can change this decision except the person who blocked. Our advice is, if you come across someone who has blocked you for no reason, roll your eyes and move on to the next person.

It’s annoying but together we can combat nonsense blockers and build a better world and better site. Here’s some more information on the Ignore button and the report button.