Diary Do’s & Don’ts

diary do's and don'ts

Writing a dating diary is one of the best things you can do if you’re serious about finding someone. It’s too great an opportunity to miss out on! But with great power comes great responsibility and sometimes diaries get rejected without explanation. We’re here to banish the diary myths and tell you the diary do’s and don’ts…

Do: Keep It Positive

It’s easy to get bogged down in the negative. If you’ve just had a bad experience it’s understandable that you might view your diary as the perfect platform to vent your anger. The fact is however, diaries are not the place for negativity. They were designed to be a place for you to show off your creativity and inner thoughts. Each entry should provide the community with a unique insight into the real you. If the you that you are portraying is miserable, angry or fed up – do you expect people to want to date you? We all have bad days, but save that for social media or share it with your mates down the pub at the weekend. Keep it out of your diary.

Don’t: Talk Negatively About The Site

If you do, your diary will very likely be rejected. If you are having issues with an area of the site, our customer care team are always happy to help! They cannot respond to diary entries, so save your questions and concerns for private messages with the team.

Do: Get People Talking (To You)

Use your diary as a conversation starter. Even if you’re just talking about your day – ask people about theirs. If you’re sharing an opinion, ask others what they think – do they agree? A lot of couples from our success stories found each other through diaries, so it’s really worthwhile to be open to conversation.

Don’t: Include Personal Information

Including certain information in your diary will automatically cause it to be rejected. The list of banned content includes: membership expiry dates, contact details and the use of other member’s names. These rules are in place to protect the personal security of everyone on JustSingles.

Do: Make It Your Own

Despite all the rules, at the end of the day, your diary is what you make it. Originally the feature was created for members to share their dating stories and their progress, but this has changed over time. It’s still OK to use it in this way, but our advice is not to limit yourself to just this. Your diary is your own personal blog, if you want to discuss TV shows, host polls, tell jokes/stories, describe your ideal partner or any other way you want to express yourself, go ahead! You do you.

So now you know the diary do’s and don’ts, it’s time you started your journey into the world of diaries. You can find more useful diary advice here too.