Day Dates vs. Evening Dates


Picture yourself on a date. What do you see? Let me guess. You’re sitting across the table from an attractive candle lit stranger, laughing and joking as you try forkfuls of each other’s dinner and sip on good wine late into the evening. All sounds very romantic. But what about the day date? Candle lit evening dates are all well and good but day time dates can be so much better…

Think of the activities

Going on an evening date limits you to the activities that are available during the evening. Dinner, drinks, cinema… yawn. But if you meet up during the day, the possibilities are endless. Think breakfast, brunch, lunch, the zoo, a gallery, coffee, an aquarium, a spot of golf? The world really is your oyster!

Reasons to leave

Meeting up during the day time can mean having other commitments later on. This also means that the date has a set end time – which is perfect for first dates, as it avoids any awkward moments when you’ve run out of things to talk about. And, if the date is a complete disaster, you have an excuse to leave! Having to collect the children from school or meeting a friend for dinner are much more realistic than any excuse you could think of at 10pm at night!

Leave them wanting more

Even if the day date is going well, having a reason to leave is still a good thing. You don’t want to lay out all of your cards in one date, the trick is to leave them wanting more. If you only have time to meet for an hour or two during the day, it’s perfect for getting to know each other, sparking just enough interest to want to see each other again.

Much more relaxed

Meeting during the day can mean more of a relaxed atmosphere, compared to the formalities of an evening date. And you don’t have to worry so much about what to wear, as an everyday outfit will suit most daytime activities! OK, you probably will still feel those annoying nerves, but a day date just seems like less of a big deal.

Show them the every day you

Finally, a day date also means catching each other in your everyday modes. The “real you” if you will! Without all the pressure of dressing up and finding the ideal place for a romantic evening, meeting up during the day means you’ll get to know each other more naturally!

Go on, ask someone out on a day date today!

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