Dating Blogs We Love

Dating Blogs We Love

There are hundreds of great dating blogs around – this one included 😉 – and we just love reading them. From tips and advice to hilarious bad date stories and date inspiration, these blogs cover every possible question about dating and give you a few laughs too!

Enjoy reading our top 5 blogs about dating and leave us a comment if you’ve found any hidden gems that you think we should read.

Forty Days of Dating

If you’re a keen dating blog-reader, you may have heard of this one already. A couple of years ago, good friends Jessica and Timothy embarked on an experiment – to date each other for forty whole days. Filling out a mini-questionnaire at the end of each day, Jessica and Timothy detail every moment (both good and bad) of their dating journey. From fights over breakfast to weekends away at Disneyland, the pair take us on a whirlwind of emotion – leaving us feeling quite sorry for Jessica at times!

The only negative? SPOILER ALERT – they leave their relationship status as a cliffhanger. On the plus side, they’ve turned the whole thing into a beautifully illustrated book (they’re both designers) which gives extra sneak peeks into their experiment. We promise you’ll become as hooked as we were!

Adventures in Delicious Dating After Forty

Describing herself as ‘The Dating Goddess’, this blogger gives an insight into the dating world of the over 40’s. We all know it can be tricky dating after a long-term relationship, and this blog definitely helps you through the not-so-treturous dating waters. While it’s mostly written from a woman’s perspective, that means there are also great hints and tips for men who want to find out what goes on in women’s heads!

With posts including ‘Twerking Grannies’ and ‘Nice Guys Can Be Too Nice’, the blog is sure to both help you and give you a giggle or two.

Sex and London City

A long-time friend of Just Singles (you may remember her posts in our 3 Dates 3 Months series), this award-winning blog is firmly aimed at the modern woman. Featured in Cosmopolitan, the Metro and Glamour magazine, popular posts include ‘This One Time, In London, I Went To A Sex Party’ (it’s as outrageous as it sounds!).

Full of wit, humour and fabulous advice for dating in the city, this blogger has been dubbed London’s answer to Carrie Bradshaw.

Buzzfeed Dating News

Alright, so it’s not technically a blog. But if you’re looking for some light reading that will give you a laugh, look no further than Buzzfeed – yes, we’re being serious!

The Just Singles team love reading up on celebrity dating news and their users hilarious dating stories. Most of all, we absolutely love taking their dating quizzes. Apparently Buzzfeed know our relationship status based on our favourite One Direction song – who knew!

Have a browse, take some of their quizzes and let us know what crazy answers you get in the comments.

Thirty Something London

Another old friend of Just Singles, thirty-something Londoner Jordi also took part in our 3 Dates 3 Months series, with varying success. One of the UK’s leading dating blogs (he won the 2015 UK Dating Award for Best Blogger), Jordi brings the dating scene to life with humour and intelligence.

Guys – you’ll love him. He’s down-to-earth, is good for date inspiration and has a great way with words. Ladies – he’s fluent in Italian, has done a bit of modelling and his blog will probably leave you wanting to date him!

So there you have it, our top 5 dating blogs! Give them a read and let us know what you think.

Don’t forget that our blog is packed with inspiration, success stories and our brand new ‘How To’ series.

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