Dating Advice You Should Definitely Ignore – Part 2

Last week we covered three pieces of bad dating advice.  Read on to find three more pieces of advice you should definitely ignore.

“Don’t Be The First To Call”

Why You Should Ignore It:
You won’t look desperate, we promise!  If you want to speak to them after your first date and you’re eager to call, just do it!  The general rule used to be 72 hours but this started when your whole family shared a landline phone and you had to take it in turns to make a call.  In the information age, with the power of mobile phones and social media at out fingertips, 72 hours is just too long.

Your date knows full well that you have multiple channels to contact them if you want to do so and if you want as long as 72 hours you look like you didn’t enjoy your date, or that you just don’t care.

If you want to show that you are genuinely interested, a quick “Thank you for a nice evening” text can make the difference between them moving on and assuming you’re not interested and securing that second date.

“Don’t Go On a Last Minute Date”

A surprisingly common piece of advice to avoid a date if you are asked last minute.  There are two reasons this advice is given…

1. You look like you have no social life if you are able to accept at such short notice.
Why You Should Ignore It It is extremely unlikely this will even cross your dates mind.  If they have invited you last minute it means they are also free and it’s doubtful your social calendar was something they have thought about.

2. Another date may have fallen through.
Why You Should Ignore It:  So what?  Maybe another date falling through is the best thing that could have happened to you both.  Maybe you’ll get along brilliantly and fondly remember your spontaneous first ever date for years to come.  Even if it doesn’t come to anything, you have nothing to lose by going out and giving it a go!

“Play hard to get”

Why You Should Ignore It:
Along with not being the first to call and not complimenting your date, playing “hard to get” is one of the most common, but most detrimental pieces of advice you will get.  The dating game has changed recently.  It’s fast-paced and you need to stay on top of your game if you want to meet that special someone.

In the past, you could leave someone waiting for a while to try and make their interest in you grow.  Now, anyone can log back into their online dating account and organise another date in no time, leaving you a distance memory.

If you like someone, show them!

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team