Date Ideas For: Wanderers

Some people were not born to stay still. They’re always on the go, exploring new and awe-inspiring places. If you’re a wanderer or dating someone who is, try these date ideas for wanderers…

Climb Every Mountain

Mountains are excellent places to wander and superb date locations. You don’t need to aim for Everest either. Find a local high destination and plan your route towards the top. Sense of achievement and a stunning view await you both.

Walk This Way

Get together and join a walking tour. You’ll be surprised about how much you can learn! Try to book a tour which ends near to bar or coffee shop, so you have time afterwards to talk over what you have learnt and get to know each other better.

Move On Up

Join a running club! This gets you moving and is a great and easy way to schedule in time together. Depending on your running abilities, you could join an actual club or simply meet up and run at your own pace.

date ideas for wanderers

Get Lost

Pick a starting point and simply wander, since this is your favourite thing to do. Lose yourself in nature or slyly people watch. Dates don’t always have to be planned, sometimes spontaneity is more romantic.

Wherever you wander, wherever you roam, make a date out of it and you’ll be walking the walking in no time! You’ve read our date ideas for wanderers… but why stop there? Be adventurous and try some of our other date ideas.