Date Ideas For: Vegetarians


Vegetarians like dates too! (Get it?) Whether you’re both vegetarians, or dating someone who is, these date ideas are simply radishing!

1. Pick of the bunch

Go fruit picking together! Choose a lovely summery day, grab some baskets and start harvesting. Want to ramp up the competitiveness? (Some people do) Challenge your date with a fruit picking competition!


2. No Farm In Trying

Visit a local farm shop together. Plan a meal to make and hunt for organic, locally sourced produce to make it with.


3. You Can’t Beet This!

Dine out at a vegetarian restaurant. Even if you’re not a vegetarian yourself, planning the date around them will make them feel extra special and you’ll get points for being thoughtful.


4. Liquid Lunch

The easiest date idea is meeting up for food, but if you’re unsure about which vegetarian options are available or what their food preferences are, why not just meet up for drinks instead? Impress them by booking a table at a trendy cocktail bar!


Suede better stop now cos this is all getting a bit corny… You may think there’s mushroom for improvement, but we think you’re nuts!

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team