Date Ideas For: Gardeners

Spring is here! With flowers in bloom and leaves reappearing back onto trees, it’s the perfect time to be a gardener. These date ideas for the green-fingered will really make your love grow…


1. Kew’ll Love This

A botanical garden is a great place for a first date. Surround yourselves with impressive, exotic plants you wouldn’t see in your everyday lives. Pretend you’re in the jungle and stroll hand-in-hand admiring the many species on offer.

2. Me, Myself & Ivy

Buy a plant together. It’s the first commitmenty thing you can do, before getting a pet or having a child. Keeping a plant alive as a pair will be a sure sign that you are compatible, and it’ll create more oxygen in your home.

3. Can’t Beet It

Step up your love for nature a gear and grow your own vegetables together. Either in your garden, an allotment or even on a windowsill, growing your own veg is the perfect thing to do together. You can both decide what to grow and then research it. Plus, if you happen to grow a massive marrow or prize-winning parsnip, you could always end up touring county fetes.

4. Ground Control

Redesign your garden, depending on where your backyard is at right now. Always wanted a pond? Make a date of it! Buy all you need and get digging. Creating a space outdoors to enjoy together is a great way to connect, plus adding a place to chill out in the future!

5. Rooting For You

Show off your charitable side to your date by volunteering in your local community. Green spaces are always looking for volunteers. Have a Google and find out what’s happening in your area. It will give you and your date an excuse to meet up and share your love of gardening.

We’re leafing now, we’ve given you the inspiration, now the rest is up to you. Summon your inner Titchmarsh, get out there and date! Comment us if you can think of any other date ideas for the gardening community.

Until next time,

The JustĀ  Singles Team