Date Ideas For: Football Fans

date ideas for football fans

Kick-off your love life with these date ideas for football fans…

Go Away

Find out their favourite team and suggest going to watch them in action. If it’s a local team, a home game would be a great early date, however those with more advanced relationships may want to consider heading to an away game for a change of scenery and atmosphere.

date ideas for football fans

Predict A Riot

Choose a game and both place bets about the outcome. You can bet money or create fun forfeits. The outcome of the matches could even be a way of arranging future dates, for example if Wolverhampton win, they have to treat you to brunch.

predicting, a date idea for football fans

Have A Ball!

If there’s a big match coming up, how about hosting a football party complete with beers, snacks and merchandise.

Common Ground

Take a tour of the home stadium of your favourite team. Meet the mascots and explore with fellow fans. Walk in the footsteps of your heroes.

You won’t get knocked down by these date ideas for football fans, you’ll get back up again. All joking offside, if you try these ideas you’ll score…