Date Ideas For: Dog Lovers

Date ideas for dog lovers

So, you’ve read our Date Ideas for: Cat Lovers blog? Well we can’t let the cat lovers have all the fun! Whether you have a passion for pooches or you’re dating a hugger of hounds, don’t let your dog feel left out when you’re dating. Here are 5 wonderful ways your dog can lead you to love…

1. Bark in the park

It’s every dogs favourite place – the local park. Could be substituted for your local beach if you are lucky enough to live near one. Suggest a romantic stroll in the park for your date. The quiet setting is a perfect place to break the ice and get to know each other. If a dog or two are involved, this will be the perfect talking point – and you can wave goodbye to awkward silences! If the weather is good, take a picnic – remember to pack a few chew sticks for you know who…

2. Dog-friendly bars or restaurants

There’s nothing better after a leisurely stroll in the park, than relaxing in a dog-friendly pub or restaurant. More and more establishments are opening their doors to our canine companions now, so I’m sure it’ll be easy to find a place near you. If you’re getting serious – you can even book a dog-friendly cottage or a holiday retreat, so there’s no need to leave your dogs behind!

3. Get a bit of re-TAIL-therapy

Pet stores are always dog-friendly zones. If you’re both pet owners, you can browse all the latest products together. Pick out new doggy beds and laugh at all the weird and wonderful dog outfits that are available. Some stores even have doggy spas in them now, so you could even all get a paw mani-pedi after a hard day shopping…

4. Be top dog

Go to a dog show or performance competition together. Whether it’s a low-key obedience match or an exciting agility, dock diving, or herding trials, it’s a great place to bond over your passion. You can watch other dogs in action, or even compete yourselves. If you’re majorly competitive you could both join a dog agility team. It’s a great way to spend your time and bond with your date and your dog.

5. Charity walkies

Both crazy about animals on general? If your aim is to get more active this year, combine your new exercise regime with raising money for your animal friends. Some charity walks even let your dogs come along for walkies too! Have a look online for any charity walks going on in your area, and sign you and your date up!

Dating doesn’t mean you can’t let the dogs out! There are loads of ways to spend time with man’s best friend and a love interest. To find someone who loves animals as much as you on JustSingles – make sure you update your own interests to include ‘Animals’ as well as filtering your searches for others with this interest.

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