Date Ideas For: Beach Lovers

beach lovers

Who doesn’t like a stroll along the beach!? Summer’s here which means beach season! A day at the seaside can be incredibly romantic and fun… So get your flip flops on, grab a lilo and wave goodbye to singledom!

1. Sunrise, Sunset…

Both the most romantic times for a beach date. Pack a beach blanket and watch the sun rise or fall over the ocean. Top tip – pick a sunny day, we all know what the British summertime can be like. This date won’t have the same effect if there’s no sun…

2. Sweet child of mine!

We’ve all got the childhood memories of playing around on the beach as children. Show your date that you are young-at-heart by bringing a surprise bucket and spade with you. Settle once and for all who is the best sandcastle maker. Search for hidden treasure in the rock pools. It’ll be such a fun date, we’re not kidding…

3. Dancing in the moonlight

Pick a clear night and have a moonlight picnic! Feeling fancy? Pack a bottle of champagne. Really get to know your date away from all the hustle and bustle of a bar or restaurant. Make the most of these warm summer nights and take advantage of this romantic setting.

4. The winner takes it all

Drop into the local arcade and treat yourselves to a bit of lighthearted gambling. Try to win your date a toy in the claw machine as a memento. Show off your moves on the dance mat game. Show off your playful side and our money’s on a second date lining up…

5. I’ll be ready!

Cue some slow motion running along the beach, some kicking over of sandcastles and laughing. Yes, we’re talking movie re-enactments. It worked for the characters and it can work for you too. Bonus points if your date’s favourite films happen to be Baywatch or Grease!

So sit on the dock of the bay and watch the tide roll away, but you won’t be wasting your time! Oh no, you’ll be the catch of the day! Plan a beach date this summer.

Until next time,

The JustĀ  Singles Team