Date Ideas For: Animal Lovers


Inspired by David Attenborough, who has just celebrated his 90th birthday, we’ve got 5 PAWsome date ideas for you animal lovers to get your claws into!¬†

1. Lend a hand

There’s no better way than volunteering at your local animal rescue centre to show that you are a true animal lover (and a jolly good person!) Local dog and cat rescue charities are always in need of more volunteers to help out. Being around the animals will put you both at ease, provide great conversation starters and provide you with a shared common interest. It might not end up just being the animals you fall in love with…

2. Zoo are you?

OK. I know. This is a no-brainer. Where do all animal lovers go on a date? The Zoo. Obviously. But we couldn’t write about animal themed date ideas without suggesting this oldie. Everyone loves the zoo, because no matter what your taste, you’re going to meet your favourite animal there. Step up the date by booking an interactive experience for the two of you, like meeting the monkeys or feeding the seals, do your research and book a surprise twist to your date!


3. Netflix and gerbil

A cheaper option than the zoo would be staying in and watching your favourite animals, plus Mr Attenborough, in some awesome documentaries. To mix this up a bit, why not invest in one of those mobile phone projectors. They magnify films from your mobile onto the wall. This would add a more cinematic experience to your date.

4. Horse around

First, make sure your date isn’t terrified of horses. Next, arrange a horse-riding date! Even if you’ve never been on a horse, this new experience will be the perfect way for you to break the ice and show that you are adventurous and a little bit daring. Best case scenario – this would be an incredibly romantic date. If it isn’t, maybe settle for walking some Shetland ponies next time.


5. Walk on the wild side!

Wherever you are, head outside and explore the nature around you. For the keen photographers – challenge your date to a photography competition with a wild animal theme! Visit local sanctuaries and spot local wildlife. Sometimes the best animals are living right next door or in your back garden…

So my feathered friends, have the eye of tiger and get a trot on by arranging some wild dates! Plus, don’t forget to tailor your search to find fellow animal enthusiasts! Go to Search > Add Filter > Interests > Animals

Until next time,

The Just  Singles Team