Date Foods To Avoid

Restaurant dates are meant to be the simplest of all. Book a table, get there on time, eat food. But wait, what if you get stuff stuck in your teeth? Or food all over your face? Or what if you end up looking just plain foolish? Aaaargghhh!! OK, so there is quite a lot to consider when you go to make your order. Here are foods and meals to AVOID – if you’re after a second date…

1. Spaghetti


Risks: Slurping noises, awkward pauses in conversation when chewing. Don’t get in a twist…

2. Ribs


Cons: High-maintenence food alert! Must constantly check state of face & fingers.

3. Leafy Salads


Risks: Leaves stuck in teeth. Leaf them out!

4. Shellfish


Cons: Try being romantic and showing your softer side whilst ripping a sea creature apart… Exactly.

5. Spicy Food


Risks: Sweating & watery eyes are not attractive. Anything more than a Nandos medium spice should not be attempted.

6. Onion & Garlic


Choose these foods and your date may suddenly have an… Ermm… Sudden emergency thing to go to… Sorry.

7. Corn on the cob


Cons: Corn stuck in teeth – melt hearts not butter.

8. The same thing as your date


Be original! Plus go for the same and you’re missing out on vital conversation starters.

9. Anything hard to pronounce


Unless you make a joke about how bad your pronunciation is, in which case I’ll have the Guanciale followed by the Sriracha please. (Instant laughs)

10. The most expensive stuff on the menu


Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’ll be nice. But if you’re paying for me, well that changes things…

So, I think that just leaves dry crackers. Enjoy your date! Oh and grapes, they’re fine.

 Until next time,

The Just Singles Team