“Darren said he knew we’d get married within hours!”

What better way to brighten up a grey Monday than a brand new success story! Sue met Darren on Just Singles 4 years ago and this is how it went…
Just Singles - Susan B

“Darren messaged me first asking what was wrong with the men in my area as he thought I was lovely and should be snapped up,  so sweet.  We’d both been looking for a while on various sites and decided to extend our search to further away on Just Singles, lucky we did because he was in Cornwall and I’m in Essex. I checked out his profile and loved his happy smiley face and sense of humour. He was so genuine, something just clicked and I followed my gut instinct and replied. After a few messages to each other, we exchanged phone numbers and chatted for hours the first time, which was lovely. We arranged to meet in person after a few days and I drove to Cornwall on Valentine’s day to meet him. Once the initial nerves had gone we were totally relaxed in each other’s company, as though we’d known each other for years. We had a lovely meal in a restaurant in Newquay and stayed in a fantastic hotel. Darren said he knew we’d get married within hours!

Four years later, he’s moved to Essex to be with me and my two children who absolutely adore him, and he’s fantastic with them. It’s like we’re one soul and can’t imagine life without each other now. Can’t wait for our wedding in July, in Cornwall where we first met in person. 
Just Singles - Susan A

A funny story is when Darren went to Ireland to visit his sister and I was due to fly out the following day to join them. When I arrived I couldn’t see him anywhere in the airport. When I rang asking where he was he said ‘in arrivals looking for you’. It turned out that we were at different airports,  I was at Belfast and he was at The George Best airport!  After a frantic taxi dash we eventually met up and had an amazing weekend.

I’d tell other single people, don’t give up. It doesn’t happen overnight, Darren and I were single for a few years and met after lots of dates with other people that weren’t right for us, but we persevered and broadened our horizons a bit then found each other when we were both on the verge of giving up. Neither of us ever thought in a million years that we’d meet someone who we’d end up marrying, but we did. It really does happen!” – Sue and Darren

We wish Darren and Sue all the best for their wedding and hope they have a long and happy marriage!

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