Congratulations Tracey & John!

Last year we spoke to Tracey and John, a couple who met through Just Singles and we’re over the moon to reveal that the happy couple have moved in together!

We’re so excited for them and we just had to share their story with you…

Where did you first hear about Just Singles?

Tracey – I had a friend who was using the site and she showed me a little of how it worked and I joined.

Had you tried online dating before joining Just Singles? If so, what experiences did you have?

Tracey – Yes. I was a member of another well know site. I have no explanation for it, but I can honestly say that the Just Singles community is much friendlier, and people actually seemed to answer my messages. It was while I was bemoaning the fact that no one ever seemed to message me on the other site to a friend that she recommended Just Singles. I joined despite having over 6 months paid for on the other site – it was the best decision I made!

What was it about Tracey/John that caught your eye?

Tracey – Nothing in particular! – That sounds terrible, but having met lots of people who didn’t look much like their profile pictures, I sent messages to anyone who met my criteria and was on line at the time (I’m an impatient soul!). John’s picture wasn’t brilliant and his profile was barely a sentence long. When I met him however, I was struck by his height and his gentleness and how easily he chatted. I felt like I’d known him for ages before the end of the first date.

John – It was her lovely sparkly eyes. (Aww!)

How long were you chatting online before you arranged to meet?

Both – Not long! We exchanged mobile numbers the first night as John’s daughter was impatiently waiting to use the computer at the time. We texted every day and met just under a week after we started chatting.

Describe your first date – Where did you meet? Were you nervous?

Tracey – We met early in the evening at a large and busy pub situated in a well-lit high street for security. I wasn’t at all nervous, which was unusual for me. John hadn’t made me feel there were any expectations or hidden agendas. I had no idea whether there would be a romantic connection, but I very much felt like I was going to meet a friend and was therefore at ease. There were no awkward silences as we both felt we had loads to say. We had arranged just to have a drink and not to make it a long night, but we ended up having a meal together and being the last to leave the pub. We then spent another hour standing in a car park on a cold and windy October night talking and kissing. I wasn’t nervous on my way to the pub, but I was on the way home! I knew I had met someone very special and just hoped I had made a similar impression. John had promised that he would text when he got back and his journey was twenty minutes longer than mine. I waited nervously for the text, which arrived bang on time, and just about the first thing he said was he thought he had met someone special. It was past 2am when we stopped texting, and despite having drunk too much wine since arriving home I don’t think I slept at all that night. The next day, by text, I blamed my lack of sleep on the amount of coffee I had drunk at the pub – but it really wasn’t the coffee that was to blame!

How often did you see each other after your first date?

Both – As often as we could. We next met four days after our first date, and after that it seemed to settle into 3 times a fortnight. We had to work it out around John’s child care arrangements and my shifts. At the beginning we had to fit around each others diaries, but very soon we found that we were organising our diaries together. Once we started staying at each others houses we were able to see more of each other as John would travel to work from my house and vice versa.

How did your friends and family feel about you online dating?

Tracey – My mum was a bit concerned, but everyone else just seemed to accept it as what people do these days.

John – I didn’t really discuss it with anyone at the time, but after I met Tracey I did tell people how I met her.

Congratulations on moving in together! How long had you been dating when you moved in and who asked who?

Tracey – Oh dear, it was me who made the first move there as well. I asked about nine months after we started seeing each other. At that time I had been in my flat 13 months and I knew John wouldn’t ask me because he knew that I really loved it there and was lucky to find it. For that reason I think the suggestion had to come from me. We deliberately arranged that we would move in as close as possible to our first anniversary.

Describe your experience on Just Singles in three words.

Exciting, Easy, Friendly.

What advice would you give to singles searching for love online?

•    Enjoy it.

•    Treat it as a fun social experience

•    Give people a chance. They rarely show you their best side in a picture/profile.

•    Have lots of dates. You may or may not find love, but you will definitely meet some interesting people and have fun.

•    Follow the guidelines on the site and don’t take silly risks, but at the same time don’t be scared by the experience.

What a wonderful story! We wish Tracey and John the very best for the future, we know they have a lifetime of happiness ahead of them.

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team.


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  1. brian ellis says:

    Hello love john and his new lady
    story , see it can be done just have a lots of dates gets you to the why a dating site should be
    Brian ellis

  2. Gill Ashton says:

    Aw, congratulations! I have been single for so long that it’s great to be reminded that it IS possible to find someone! Many years of happiness to you, Tracey and John; you look like a lovely couple. 🙂

  3. Marika says:

    Please cancel my subscription immediately

    • Just Dating Group says:

      Hi Marika,

      If you wish to cancel your subscription you may do so via the site. If you are having difficulty cancelling your subscription, please contact our Customer Care Team on [email protected].

      Kind Regards,

      The Just Dating Group Team.